Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Geography Fair

The Geography Fair is a time when home schoolers gather information about different countries and put it up on a tri-fold board and bring it to a big room where other people can look at them. I did my project on Iceland. I learned a lot! I think that one cool thing about Iceland is that it is on two tectonic plates that are pulling apart. Every time the plates pull apart magma fills the gap, which results in Iceland growing at a rate of about one inch per year!

I really enjoyed walking around and seeing everyone's projects. These are some of my favorite displays:

There was also a fun activity where the older kids got a list of questions about the countries. If you wanted to win a prize, you needed to find the answers on the displays. The younger kids got a passport. They went around to the displays and got stamps to win a prize. I helped my little brother get his passport stamped. We both got really cool inflatable globes!

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