Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun at Fine Arts Festival!!!

Last night I went to a home school Fine Arts Festival. This is a time when kids (and professional artists!) show their art to other home schoolers. Fine Arts Festival was in a big gym, so there was a lot of art enjoy! There where all kinds of art. Music, sculptures, sketches, paintings, and lots more.

I brought a sculpture that I made in my art class with Mrs. Brunner. Her class is really fun! (the link is for her website)  I constructed the sculpture out of newspaper, tape, and strips of plaster. It's a self sculpture that looks like me pitching a baseball. It was really hard to get the leg up off of the ground, and I had to put in a Popsicle stick splint to keep it up!  It was exciting to have my sculpture on display, but I was also a little bit nervous!

My little brother also participated. Here is a picture of his art.

One of the professional artists was really good at sketching. He was drawing people that came up to the table. He drew very quickly and was able to capture a face in just a few quick marks. Here is one of the sketches he made of me. I really like how he can easily put cool armor on and make it look real!

I'm really hoping that I can take one of his classes!  He has two blogs. One is CartoonSketching and the other is RobotNinjaMonsters.

I am going to participate next year!!!


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