Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FRC Team Pyrotech Wins 2nd Highest Award

My FLL team, Cloud 9, is sponsored by Wake Robotics. So is PyroTech, an FRC team. Our teams see each other a lot because we meet in the same place. In fact, some team members of PyroTech mentored our team! So, I was really excited about going to go cheer them on at Regional qualifier! Their robot was really cool. It had to shoot Frisbees and climb. The competition name is ultimate ascent. Watch this video to see how it works. 

Everybody was standing in front of me so I didn't get a bunch of great pictures.

The team won the second highest award called Engineering Inspiration.  I got to help in some of the outreach activities that their team did. I think that the outreach things are a good part of FIRST because you get to practice public speaking and you get to show everybody about what robotics and engineering is like. Doing outreach with an older and experienced team helps newer teams out because it helps them see what to do and gives the newer team someone to look up to.

The team is going to the World competition in Saint Louis in April.  They are looking for donations to help for traveling to Saint Louis. Please help PyroTech go to World!!! Go to the Wake Robotics website and click donate. PyroTech is AMAZING! If you want to know more about team PyroTech watch this video.

They are also selling cool LED lightbulbs and necklaces made from the actual robot from last year.


  1. Fantastic post Hayden! Perhaps we should have you write some of our newsletters. :)

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Thank you Mrs. Karen! I love getting comments.