Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cloud 9 at FLL State Competition - slow start - great ending!

Wow! Going to the FLL State Competition was amazing. It was really exciting that our team made it this far!  There were 60 teams in the gym. It was really cool to be able to see the pits and competition tables at the same time.

Our team had all the interviews and presentations first thing in the morning. We had our best Project skit ever!  The interview after the skit was really great. We talked about all of the research we did and answered questions really well. The core value interview went better than most. It wasn’t a shouting match which sometimes happens. Strategies we came up with since the last completion really helped. Robot interview went not so great. (even worse than that) We weren’t prepared to explain why we brought two robots in.  We had some missions on one robot and others on the other. The judges only wanted to see the competition robot but the missions they wanted to see weren’t on that one.

After our interviews we had some free time. We all had a great time button trading during the free time. We walked around and talked to other teams and saw their solutions. Then we headed down to the competition tables and did our robot runs. It was a disaster! Even worse than our robot design judging. We had to rescue it more times than I can remember and it flipped over multiple times. 

Instead of letting the robot part get us down, we had a ton of fun!!! Coach Fiona and Y.A.M. Clark helped us get this far and kept us going.

At the end of the day we were surprised to get the Research Award. The trophy was surprisingly made completely out of technic pieces! It turned out we had an advantage by talking about all of our research in the interview earlier in the day.I got hoisted up with the trophy for some pictures.

Clark also won a trophy for best young adult mentor. Our team was really happy that he got a trophy too.

pictures coming soon.....

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