Monday, March 18, 2013

Santa bot

Santa bot was definitely my hardest NXT build so far. The arms were the hardest part.  I added a loop to the program so Santa bot would move forward, see somebody and open his basket. I put candy in the basket and when the person took candy out the SantaBot would say "HoHoHO Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" then he would back up and start over. I brought it to my family at Christmas and everyone enjoyed it a lot!I also brought it to the science fair to show everybody. I made a  YouTube video that shows how he works. 

I got the instructions to build it from an awesome blog called MP's NXT Universe. You can find the instructions to build your own under the NXT Robots category. He named it NXTolaus. Make sure you also check out the video of his NXT Gatling Gun! It is amazing.

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